5 Easy Steps for a Smooth Transition before Downsizing

By: Paul Simpson

17 May, 2018

Step 1 – Don’t be in a rush mode
Once you have come to a final conclusion that downsizing is the right move for you and your family, don’t be in a rush mode. Take your time to find a reliable real estate property consultant who can guide you all throughout the downsizing process. Make a list of your priorities as to when you are completely ready to list your property for sale as well as the ideal date to start staging your home to potential buyers.

Step 2 – Get help when you feel you need it most
In the event you are grieving for the death of your spouse, get all the help you need, especially if you are determined to sell your property. I know this must be really hard on your part to do the packing, but if you have close friends or relatives who are volunteering to pack things for you, then, go ahead let them.

Step 3 – Hire a professional home stager

Again, there are different reasons that may motivate a family to resort to downsizing, but don’t have the energy or expertise to stage their house due to recent events that happened like sudden death, divorce issues or memories of the property are still fresh on the homeowner, hire a professional home stager. He or she can make this whole staging process easy and right on track from the time you accept house views until the final negotiation.

Step 4 – Full acceptance of downsizing
Don’t feel bad that you have to move to a smaller place due to unavoidable circumstances. Think of the positive effect that you will benefit after downsizing, like a new place to decorate and start a new life. Of course, good memories of this old home will still linger, you can take photos and bring any treasured possessions that have sentimental value. Aside from that, think of the financial aspect that this downsizing plan can do to your family, especially if you are experiencing financial problems.

Step 5 – Do self-affirmation
If you are nearly retiring soon, consider downsizing as a good start to fulfill your dream of rewarding yourself to frequent travels. Do self-affirmation that downsizing can really help you start a new chapter of your life, that it’s time to let go of this property and look forward to new events that you will discover as you change your environment.

Final recommendation

Learning how to let go is your first move for a smooth transition before proceeding with a downsizing plan. Talk this over with every member of your family and make sure everyone understands the main reason why downsizing is the most favorable solution to living a better life and moving forward. Once you are done with the convincing part, start drafting your downsizing plan, contact a property adviser and do all the necessary actions to ensure you have a successful home sale.

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