5 Effective Ways to Live Harmoniously with your Neighbours

By: Paul Simpson

17 May, 2018

Learn to reach out

This is the very first step you need to do after moving to a new place, learn to reach out. You can start by formally introducing yourself to your next door neighbour, from across the street and to the rest of the other residents in the community. Once, you have progressed your level of relationship with them, make an effort to do something nice for the community like volunteering for the youth’s enhancement if you feel you have the skills or talents to share. A simple act of kindness or good deed like helping an elderly neighbour do his/her weekly gardening will be highly appreciated.

Be more pleasant

Live life as if there is no tomorrow. What does this imply in terms of your relationship within the community where you live? For example, if you are having one of those bad hair days, don’t let everyone sense this negative vibe. Try to be more pleasant, especially when you meet neighbours as you walk, jog or simply stand in front of your lawn, greet them. Avoid making a fuss over small things like complaining with a loud voice about littered garbage left on the driveway. This kind of attitude could affect your relationship with your neighbours.

Be open to solutions

If there are some alarming concerns that most of you in the neighbourhood are greatly affected, don’t turn a deaf ear about this issue, but, rather offer a helping hand and be open to solutions. For example, if a particular neighbour is becoming a nuisance in the entire community, consult everyone involved and put anything discussed or agreed upon into writing for future reference of complaints. If there is an acting body like the homeowner’s association, share these concerns and let them do their role in solving the problem.

Stay positive

Nothing beats a positive mindset, even if everything around you turns out sour. Don’t let a bad situation ruin your happy mood. Stay positive and I’m sure all those positive vibes will eventually influence the present mood of the people near you.

Don’t take anything too personal

If you had an argument with your neighbour due to the overlapping tree branches needing some trimming, don’t take it too personal. Put yourself in your neighbour’s shoes and ask yourself, “How would you feel if you are in that situation?” Of course, you will feel angry, but don’t prolong any conflict left unresolved. Do everything within your power to resolve it fast, so that you can go on with your usual day-to-day relationship with that particular neighbour.

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