How to Cope with Kids when Downsizing?

By: Paul Simpson

17 May, 2018

Talk about the real issue of downsizing openly with your kids

Don’t hide the issue of downsizing with your kids. Talk it out in the open by being honest with your plan of downsizing. Explain clearly to them the reasons why you have to move to a smaller place. Remember, no one, especially teens would like to hear about this breaking news of moving with only a few days left before the actual moving day.

Include the kids in the downsizing process

Once you confided with your children to move or relocate somewhere and there is a big possibility of living in a place quite smaller that your current home, include them in the downsizing process like the planning stage, implementing of rules on what to pack as well as the activities involved during the scheduled moving date. Ask their opinion on what they would like to bring along to their new home like favorite toys, books and other children’s stuff that hold sentimental value. If they are old enough to do their own packing, let them do the task, but make sure they understood that some of the unwanted or unused items need to be left behind or you can be creative by suggesting a garage sale. Whatever extra cash they generate from selling their personal stuff, they can save it for a new toy or book they are longing to buy.

Speak about the positive things that are about to come

Make this downsizing activity an event to look forward to by speaking about the positive things that are about to happen once you hall all finally moved to your new home like meeting new friends, doing new things or exploring new activities in the community. Talk about the best features of the environment where you will live, like parks, playgrounds and other recreational facilities that will provide fun to children.

Bring their comfort toy or furry friend

If you still have smaller kids as young as toddlers, never forgot to bring their favorite comfort toy or furry friend, your family’s pet, especially if your new place allows pets. In case you are moving with a pet, make the necessary transportation arrangements with your hired removal company. Keep in mind, pets can also be exposed to stress during a moving activity.

Settle in with no rush

Finally, the last box has been unloaded to your new home. Never rush your kids to do the unpacking. Settle in by taking time to know your surroundings, relax and take that much needed rest. Treat the family out for dinner.
Downsizing if planned in advance could bring more positive results like having enough time to scout the best new school for your kids, finding the perfect place that is within your budget and giving you more time to say proper goodbyes with your friends as you are about to open a new chapter of your life with your kids.

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