How To Prepare Your Property For The Summer

By: Paul Simpson

18 May, 2018

We all know for a fact that even though summers in Queensland may project average sunny days with warm nights, there is always the possibility of a weather disturbance like rainfall, too much humidity in the air or windy atmosphere and that’s the main reason why the local government of this state creates awareness to all local residents the importance of property maintenance.

If you are just a new resident of Petrie, I want to share with you this list of things you need to do on your property before the summer days officially set in. Take time reading them and hopefully you will have an idea on how to get started and experience a more carefree summer.

• Inspect the overall condition of your roof and gutters. Don’t forget to clear the gutters from any fallen leaves that have already piled up as well as other dirt left by crawling animals and birds. See to it your drainpipes are working well and free from any obstruction in case a heavy rainfall occurs.

• Trimming or cutting down overgrown trees is also necessary to avoid any unwanted fallen branches during a windy day. Make sure the tree branches you are clearing are not near any power line.

• Clear your lawn from any outdoor items blocking the way like garden hose, garden tools and lawnmower, especially if you have playful kids running around to lessen instances of accidental trips and falls that could lead to minor cuts, bruises or worst severe injuries.

• Check if your house is fully insured against unavoidable circumstances such as fire, burglary and natural disasters that usually happen beyond our control. If you aren’t sure about the coverage of your home insurance policy, consult your insurance agent or ask your real estate agent regarding this concern. I know for sure the real estate company provider where you bought or rented this property could provide enough information, since they are the ones who usually facilitate everything including matters referring to insurance.

• Try the switch of your main supply for water, electric and gas to ensure they are functioning well. Again, if you noticed some malfunction or difficulty in switching them on or off, call immediately a certified technician who has a proven track record of delivering quality home maintenance or repair services.

• Prepare your household for any emergency by educating each family member on what to do on these moments as well as the local numbers to call for help or assistance. Don’t forget also to have a readily available first-aid kit, food packs and water supply in case you can’t leave the house due to extreme weather conditions.

• Acquaint yourself with your neighbours. This is very important because you can never predict when you will need somebody’s help or you offering assistance to a neighbour in times of need.

• Register your household for local community updates and warnings, so that you can have peace of mind that whatever is happening within your local area, news will be sent to you. This is also beneficial when severe weather disturbances happen in your area, local authorities will surely inform you on what you need to do in case the events gets worst.

• Contact a property specialist in your area to get advice on what kind of home improvements, maintenance or repair issues that your house may need.

A property specialist has the expertise to assess the overall condition of your house and give you professional advice on what needs to be done first to protect your property against potential damage while assuring your safety at all cost.

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