A Word from Paul

Over the many years in the real estate game I have learnt invaluable information based around the sale of homes. I get great enjoyment from assisting people like yourself to get the best value from the sale of your home.

I have put these articles together so you can making selling your home just that little easier. These articles when put into practice can create the right enviroment for happy sellers and purchasers.

If you have had your property listed with other agents and not experienced a sale then think about listing your home with me and wether you deal direct with me or one of my team we will get the job done. I have ensured that all who work for me adopt my philosophy and service into making the right sale for the client. In the past I have sold properties that were listed with other agents for more than 6 months without a sale.



I then not only sold the property but got more then the vendor expected, they then were so happy with my services they have recommended me to many others looking to sell.

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4. Defining spaces in a large room

5. Using bright colours

6. Save the expense and restore your old furniture

7. Decorating small rooms in style