Is Downsizing the Right Move for You?

By: Paul Simpson

17 May, 2018

Confide your intentions of downsizing

Talking to your spouse, relative or friend whom you feel is credible enough to give his or her opinion is essential before you start any downsizing plan. Make sure you state every reason you have in mind about how you feel about your present home or living environment. Once you have expressed your personal views create a plan on how you can achieve this goal.

Know the pros and cons of downsizing

Downsizing may not provide favorable results to everyone, especially if you do this move in such haste without carefully assessing the pros and cons. Write a list about the positive effects that downsizing could bring to you and your lifestyle like having more money left in the bank, more quality time to spend, lower utility bills and a less stressful life. Don’t forget also to include the disadvantages of downsizing such as lack of space to invite guests to stay overnight, less privacy, tiring since you need to start again decorating your new home and building new relationships with your new neighbors may take quite some time.

Get some tips

The best way to get useful tips for any downsizing activity is by reading testimonials shared by people who have been successful with this type of move and living a minimalist lifestyle. Take note of their struggles and find inspirations on how they managed to resolve underlying issues concerning a downsize plan. If they had an enjoyable experience, you too will likely achieve the same positive outcome if you follow their tips and suggestions before pursuing downsizing.

Be more willing to let go of your stuff

The hardest things that you will be facing with a downsize plan is deciding what furnishings stays behind and what you need to let go. You must stay firm with your decision of removing any clutter in your home if you want to practice a minimalist lifestyle. The moment you have come to the conclusion that you really want to downsize, then, carry on and start making an inventory of your unwanted items.

Don’t assume downsizing will be cheaper

Some of us think downsizing is the only solution to resolve a financial problem, but be aware that even how small your new home like an apartment, you still need to pay other fees like body corporate fees. Aside from that, have you done your calculation on how much is the cost of living in that particular area where you wish to relocate. Keep in mind, life in the suburbs maybe not be as expensive as living in a high rise building located in the busy City area. Again, evaluate how much you will save from living in a smaller place? How about your personal belongings that can’t fit inside your prospective home, are you willing enough to undergo all the trouble of finding buyers for all these items?

Downsizing could be your best move if you are willing to make changes in your present lifestyle. If you feel there is a great need to find a smaller place where you can start building your dreams, then, by all means give this a fair chance. Sometimes, changes are made to achieve a better life away from the complexities brought by a larger home.

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