What to Consider Keeping when Downsizing

By: Paul Simpson

17 May, 2018

Treasured family heirloom

I’m sure you have at least one item in possession that is valued as your family’s heirloom which has been passed on from one generation to another. If you have the privilege to be awarded by your old ancestors rare pieces of antique figurines, never think twice of bringing them along with you to your new home. Aside from the sentimental value this item holds, its market value could have probably doubled or even tripled as years have passed, so make an effort to preserve its worth.

Precious photos

Even if our lives have been influenced with the advancement of technology, never throw away old photos from the past when you are downsizing. These mementos will not only inspire you to be strong as you move to another chapter of your life, but these very photos will be your reminder of the good things that came to your life and learn to appreciate them.


One of the things that should be given priority on your list when you start packing your belongings are your important documents such as birth and death records, marriage certificate or divorce decrees, SS cards, medical records, insurance policies, property titles or deeds, diplomas and other papers that require proper safekeeping when you move to avoid misplacing them or throwing them away by mistake.

Rare collections

We all love to collect things. If you have a massive collection of items like dolls, miniature toy cars, old music records or stamps, assess their present value ask an expert collector appraiser for his or her opinion, whether they are worth moving them with you or retain some of your favorite collectibles and sell the remaining collections to generate cash. Whatever decision you make along the way, be sure you will have no regrets if you have to let go some of your stuff.

First-aid kit and medications

You never know when accidents may happen. See to it when you are moving out that you have included on your downsizing checklist your first-aid kit and other medications that you and your family members will need in case of emergency.

Part of any downsizing plan is the actual moving day where you need to stay focused on which items you can bring with you to your new home. Do a careful evaluation of each item’s real worth and at the end of the day, ask yourself sincerely, “Do you really need this particular item or you simply want it as a keepsake?” Whenever you are caught in between when choosing which has to go or stay, go for items that you feel you can’t live without or pose greater investment in the future. Learn to negotiate on what you can really bring along with you. Make your downsizing checklist now.

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